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welcome-to-ebusiness-blogStarting an online business is not easy, but making money on the Internet is even harder. However, more people than ever are using the Internet and the prospects for successfully starting an online business have never looked better.
Over 60% of the UK population are now regular Internet users, a percentage which looks set to become average for Europe as a whole by the end of the year. Users attitudes are also changing, they no longer expect free access to information, and are showing an increasing willingness to buy goods online.

With large numbers of online customers ready and willing to buy, a technology that is increasingly secure and robust, declining costs, and the memory of failed dot-coms fading fast, now is definitely the time to start an online business, and what is more, starting an online business which will truly be able to make money on the Internet.

The opportunities facing anyone starting an online business are increasing by the day, particularly for anyone selling digital goods, and with the imminent arrival of broadband Internet connections to millions of Europeans the range of different digital products which can be sold online is also expanding.

The general economy may look gloomy but there has never been a better time for starting an online business capable of making money on the Internet. I hope that the information we have put on this site will put you too on the right path to making money on the Internet by starting an online business.

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