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review-site-top-pagesTop Pages is one of the most unique and outstanding business directories I have come across recently. This site is more user friendly and authentic in comparison to some other leading sites like, Cylex or UK small business directory. Every section in this free business directory is in order and meticulous.

The segregation is just perfect. Business owners like me are looking for such genuine sites and not really traffic hungry business directories that boast about Lakhs of submissions.

In fact, I love the fact that manual approval process is not takaing more than 48 hours. People attach a lot of importance to quality over traffic. There is a an option to rate the business owners which is a wonderful way to ensure that good quality always gets appreciated and testimonials and reviews can be seen by people all over the world.

It is all set out to be one of the most authentic and verified business classifieds in the coming years. The level of professionalism in designing the site is wonderful. It solves my problem of finding anything or anyone in my local business circuits. At least popular and well known businesses can be found out.

Registration is simple and free and won’t nag you to pay for premium accounts of subscriptions. It is indeed very service oriented. The home page is attractive with mild graphics that do not beg for attention but easily earns curiosity from even stray visitors. Everything is so tidy and it offers free searches.

One irritating feature that this business directory fortunately does not have is unwanted pop ups. Some free classifieds and business directories have several unwanted pop ups that irritate us and make it difficult even to register on the site.

I could easily locate pretty much everything and anything that I wanted to find. Ranging from event companies and financial services to vacations and arts and crafts, this directory seems to have pretty much everything. The soothing visuals captivate and attract anyone.

Talking about user Interface and ease of navigation, the colour combination that is predominantly blue and white, the user interface of Top Pages is extremely attractive. There is acute clarity in the content and all sections have been neatly divided.  I got greatly attracted with features like free submissions and listing without too many complications. Some classifieds had almost stalked me for billing information. This is by far one of the most prestigious websites in the UK business classifieds scene. It indiscriminately offers a multitude of services and categories.


Finally, one last point of attraction that I sensed is the site’s innate potential to emerge as the future niche business classifieds / directory. It predominantly gives weight age to quality over other things.


Like I reiterated in the aforesaid statements that one big impression any visitor or business owner is bound to enjoy is that Top Pages has a penchant for top quality service providers and sellers / manufacturers. Unlike other directories which just pile up millions of listings, I really enjoyed this site with a humble listing; but all genuine ones, so much that I havened bookmarked it into my Diigo!

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