How to make Money on the Internet

E-commerceTo become an Internet multimillionaire you need the right formula, the right contacts, a lot of finance, and an even larger amount of luck. However, this does not mean that you can not make money from your web site, anyone can, so long as they know how, here we look at a few of the different ways to make money online. .
The first point to make clear is that the Internet is not about get rich quick schemes, or at least it should not be. In the great dot-com boom of 1999-2000 everyone was talking about using the Internet to make a fortune. People thought up a whole range of different ideas and business models, some quite revolutionary, others just old ideas revamped for a new technology. However, it has to be admitted that the main get rich quick idea consisted of little more than floating a company of questionable value and selling the shares to some naive investor. This has unfortunately given the whole concept of using the Internet for selling goods and services a very bad name, not to mention the fact that finance is now virtually impossible to obtain, even for good ideas.

The financial collapse of many high profile dot-com companies over the last year should not, however, lead anyone to think that money can not be made using the Internet, it can, and there are plenty of examples to prove it. The adult market is one sector that is making very big money online, and is often extremely innovative in its use of the Internet. Many small niche market operations are also making money selling both goods and services. Money can be made using the Internet, but it is not a get rich quick medium, it is simply a new way of doing business which has the benefit of low start-up costs, easy entry by anyone and a global marketplace, and like any ordinary business is best started in a small way and grown slowly.

In this article we look at some of the many different ways in which the Internet can be used by virtually anyone to sell goods and services profitably.


Probably the most obvious way of making money from your web site is to use it to sell things. With a world-wide market of several hundred million people, it is possible to sell virtually anything online, from arts and crafts to high technology. If you do not want to be involved in taking orders, accepting payment and delivering goods then affiliate schemes can prove a good alternate source of e-commerce revenue.

Selling Information.

If you do not want to sell physical goods, why not sell products which can be delivered online, such as information. There is a rapidly expanding market for e-books on a wide range of subjects, books which have the advantage of being right up to date, and which can even be tailored to the demands of an individual. If you are a designer there are large potential markets in selling plans and designs for everything from a model aeroplane to a luxury house. There is also a rapidly growing market for web content, a market which could provide lots of work for journalists and writers.

Online Entertainment.

With the advent of broadband unlimited access communications technology the delivery of entertainment products via the Internet is likely to prove one of the biggest types of online business. Already there is a boom in sales of music online as downloadable MP3 files, and in the sales of downloaded computer games. Within the next year we will see the start of a similar boom in online delivery of video films. In all these areas the Internet gives everyone with a creative talent the possibility to compete with even the largest media companies.


Software companies are turning to the Internet en mass as a sales and delivery medium, it is after all the ideal way to sell software, with no need to copy disks, print manuals, or pay delivery charges. Any programmer who has developed a marketable product can do likewise, there is an enormous market for specialist programmes which anyone can tap into.

Online Education.

The Internet has the potential to be used as an extremely powerful and versatile educational tool. The demand for education and training has never been greater, with the rapid advancement of technology there is a constant need to acquire new skills. So far very little work has been done on providing online courses, but the potential market for such courses is both global, and enormous, anyone with a combination of online and educational skills could easily cash in on this market.

Professional Services.

Just as there is an enormous potential demand for both online information and online educational services so there is also a growing demand for online professional services, accountants, lawyers, tax experts, financial consultants, investment advisors, the list is endless. Anyone with professional expertise, particularly people with Internet and computer related skills, could do very well from selling access to their expertise via a web site.


If you have a successful web site or e-mail newsletter you can always try and sell advertising space. If your site, or newsletter is targeted at a niche market they you could be very successful, otherwise you will need to have a lot of visitors to make any money. An alternative is to seek sponsorship from a large company who might look upon your operation as a good low cost promotional tool. Then of course one could always sub-let a part of your site to other companies who might want to take advantage of your existing visitor base.

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