How to Improve Website Conversion Rates

How-to-Improve-Website-Conversion-RatesHaving got people to visit your site, you need to encourage them to stay, and having stayed a while you want them to return. This means adding visitor interest to your site, giving the visitor something for free, information, ideas, or entertainment. The process involves monitoring visitor statistics, adding features, and making appropriate changes to the site, a process known as improving conversion rates of website.

Your web site is up and running, and according to the web tracker, people are starting to visit it in increasing numbers. The question is are they visiting anything other than your home page, and if so which pages are proving to be the most popular, how many pages are they looking at, and are they returning at a later date to take another look.

All but the last of these questions can be answered by analysis of your web tracker. These statistics are automatically compiled by the tracker from data derived from each visitor request for a page and are an extremely important tool in the ongoing development of a popular and profitable web site.

Armed with these statistics it is then possible to change the site, expanding those pages which are popular, and contracting or even cutting those pages which are rarely visited. You can also try adding features which will make your site even more attractive and which will encourage people to come back regularly.

Providing an online news service is one technique which can prove extremely popular with visitors, particularly if the news is targeted at an area of special interest which is closely related to the products or services being marketed through the site. A similar technique is to put up a page with tip of the day, or recipe of the week, some regularly changed piece of useful information. By updating the news or tips page daily, or weekly, people are encouraged to come back to the site on a regular basis.

Improving the quality and range of information available on the site will always encourage people to stay on the site and to return to the site. Similarly making the information more readily available by adding an on site search facility will help to attract users.

Interactive features can also be a valuable way of encouraging regular visitors to the site. For example, online questionnaires can be useful not just in gathering information but in encouraging people to come back the following week and view the results. Online games and quizzes can also be useful, but only in sites where such are appropriate.

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