How to Grow your Website Visitors

How-to-Grow-your-Website-VisitorsOnce you have created an e-commerce site, you have to keep on promoting the site, keep on improving it, building up the visitor numbers, and above all making sure that your customers get a good efficient service.
An online business is just like any other business, once you have it up and running you need to generate a constant straeam of new customers, and to further grow the business you need to give your existing customers new products or services which they will want to buy. In order to do these two things you must continue to promote your site, and you must further encourage existing users.

The problem with using a web site as your store front is that people quickly forget about you if you stop promoting the site. If you stop trying to get good rankings with the search engines, your ranking will gradually slip and the number of visitors coming from this source will diminish. The same will happen if you stop any other form of web site promotion.

Similarly you will have to continue to encourage existing visitors, even those from whom you have secured their e-mail addresses in return for something like a newsletter subscription. Internet users are notorious for changing e-mail addresses, and if you stop trying to get people to subscribe to your newsletter you will see subscription numbers gradually falling as the subscription system deletes the addresses of subscribers with e-mail addresses it can no longer deliver to.

Maintaining sales levels on a web site is thus a constant battle to attract, keep, and sell products to both new and existing customers. Even if your site is very successful at the moment, you can not afford to rest on your laurels, not even for a short time. Customers have short memories and the competition is relentless.

Besides maintaining your efforts to promote your site you also need to refine and develop the site. You need to look at all the statistics that are available to you and see how you can make your site more attractive to visitors, and whether there are any new products or services which those customers may want but which you currently do not provide.

This may mean adding more pages to your web site, adding new interactive features, adding new affiliate partners, and improving the way that you promote affiliate products in general, as well as developing new products and services. It will also involve getting rid of pages on the site which are rarely or never visited, and also removing any of your products or affiliate products which are not selling.

It is also a good idea to change the contents and look of your home page at regular intervals, or add some feature to it which constantly changes, such as a newsfeed, or the current date. Doing this will stop visitors from thinking that your site is unchanging and static. If you run a regular newsletter you should also use this to tell your subscribers about new content and new products.

If you continually try to improve your site and offer visitors more of the things that they want then you will also find that the quality, and loyalty, of your regular visitors will improve. You will find that more people will be putting your site on their bookmark list, and will be visiting your site regularly. You will also find that the sales conversion rate, the percentage of site visitors who buy something, will also improve.

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