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What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a term which is being used with increasing frequency in the field of online marketing. It is a technique which is well suited to use on the Internet, and yet viral marketing is a concept which is often poorly understood despite the fact that it can be one of the most powerful

How to Generate Revenue from Affiliate Programs

Once you have started to build up a reasonable database of visitors it is time to start thinking about generating revenue from the site. Affiliate marketing is an excellent starting point because is simple to set up, do not require credit card processing, order processing, or delivery, and yet will earn your site an income,

How to Identify Your Website Visitors

With a steady stream of visitors coming to your web site, and hopefully returning, the time has come to try and identify these visitors, in other words to try and get their name and address,gender,age or at very least their e-mail address. Only when you can get this information can you really think about selling

How to Improve Website Conversion Rates

Having got people to visit your site, you need to encourage them to stay, and having stayed a while you want them to return. This means adding visitor interest to your site, giving the visitor something for free, information, ideas, or entertainment. The process involves monitoring visitor statistics, adding features, and making appropriate changes to

How to Promote Your Website Online

Before you think about adding products to your web site you need to attract visitors. You need to promote your site, remember that no one will visit you unless they know you exist. Setting up a business on the Internet is like setting up shop down a dark alley way, the premises might be great,

What is Permission Marketing anad how to use it?

Getting a marketing message across is getting harder, particularly for anyone trying to do business on the Internet, the concept of permission marketing could be the solution to the dreams of every online marketer. According to researchers the average consumer receives in excess of one million marketing messages in a year, indeed he or she