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Top Pages Directory Review

Top Pages is one of the most unique and outstanding business directories I have come across recently. This site is more user friendly and authentic in comparison to some other leading sites like, Cylex or UK small business directory. Every section in this free business directory is in order and meticulous. The segregation is just

How to Position the Ads in a Newsletter

This question concerning what is the best position for ads in an e-mail newsletter has led to quite a lot of discussion in the online publishing fraternity lately. A debate, that is important to both advertisers, and publishers Everyone agrees, and for obvious reasons, that ads that appear together in a monotonous clump, one below

How to Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog

Selling advertising on your site is a potential source of revenue which should not be dismissed. The advertising you offer can include conventional banner ads, newsletter ads, and sponsored content, all potential money earners even for a small site so long as it is a niche market. If you are thinking of selling advertising space

How to Exchange Banner Adverts

Owners of small sites will probably find it impossible to sell advertising space, but, advertising can be used for an equally profitable aim, increasing the number of visitors to your site. By using a advertising  exchange your site can enjoy a great increase in the number of visitors, and hence potentially increase the sales of any

How to Design an Effective Banner Ads

The design of an online banner can make a lot of difference in the response it generaties. With a well designed advert the response rate could be as high as two or three percent, a poorly designed banner in the same position and for the same product could generate as little as 0.1percent. There is

What Are the Different Types of Banners Ads

The first thing to realise about advertising on the Internet is that there are many different approaches which can be taken, there are banner ads, button ads, interstitials, and drop down windows. Some are worth using, others should be avoided, Fortunately, however, advertising on the Internet has at least developed a number of standards with

Online advertising terminology

Online advertising has its own unique set of terminology which it is a good idea to try and master before engaging in any negotiations. Glossary of online advertising terms. Ad – The term ad can refer to a banner, button, pop-up screen, etc. they are counted as either impressions or clicks. Ad clicks – The

How to Write a Good Advertising Headlines

As any advertising copy writer, newspaper or magazine editor, will tell you, the key to grabbing someone’s attention lies in the headline. A good cover line on a magazine, or headline on the front page of a newspaper, can persuade someone to buy a copy, similarly a good advertising headline can persuade someone to read